We’re meeting ministry needs in Cuba while training, equipping, and inspiring MDiv students

The Cuba Study Tour seeks not only to do important mission work in Cuba, but also to equip students to obtain an evangelistic mindset, enlarge their worldview and learn how to do evangelism from Bible workers and pastors in Latin America. By allowing students to immerse themselves in the world and evangelistic mindset of Cuban pastors and Bible workers, students are able to learn valuable lessons and catch the flame of evangelism.

During the tour, evangelistic series are held in multiple sites throughout the host city. During the 2016 tour, Dwight Nelson preached at one site, but MDiv students led the meetings in the other four venues. When students return from the tour, they are on fire to do evangelism in their local context in new ways, especially friendship evangelism. Seminary students even get academic credit for their work in Cuba!

As of March 2022, 1,963 people have been baptized as a result of this ministry.

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