About Care For Cuba

Care for Cuba trains and empowers pastors, Bible workers and volunteers to do evangelism and Bible studies. Simultaneously, Care for Cuba raises funds to provide crucial missing resources to the churches and pastors in Cuba, such as bicycles for transportation, tablet libraries bursting with Biblical, Ellen G. White writings, and many other theological resources in Spanish, computers, projectors, and children’s ministry resources. Because pastors make only $25/month, many ministry needs go unanswered, so Care for Cuba’s goal is to provide these resources, as well as personnel, to spread the good news of the gospel all over the country! Also, in 2017, Care for Cuba sent two Master of Divinity students to be the country’s first long-term Adventist missionaries in over sixty years.

Precious people have been baptized as of December 2020

Bicycles have been provided to pastors and Bible workers with no transportation

Computers with Spanish libraries have been provided to pastors/Bible workers

Tablets with Spanish libraries have been given to pastors/Bible workers

Pastors, Bible workers and volunteers have been equipped with ministry resources

Churches have benefited from ministry resources, transportation and more

Cell phones all packed with bibles and ministry resources

Flash drives distributed with ministry resources

Intruments gifted: Saxophones, guitars, flutes, trumpets, violins, recorders, etc.

Bags of food distributed

How can I help?

Encourage your families and home churches to give to the Cuban Church. 2017 trip attendee Uzziel Maldonado said it best: “I wish I had more money, just so I can give it to this ministry. Here, your money can only do a little, but over there it can do so much! In Cuba, Seminary costs $25/month. That’s what I spend on pizza in one weekend here, but over there it can pay for seminary tuition, fund a family or a Bible worker for a month! What we give to Cubans goes a long way, so I would encourage people to dig deep and give, because God’s work is advancing in Cuba, and all that money goes to His cause—it’s beautiful.”

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Our Team

Left to right: Mona Sarcona, Nicolás Chaij, L. Fernando Ortiz (Care for Cuba founder and Director), Keila Díaz