Backpacks for Cuba

At the 2019 Chosen International Camporee, funds were raised for three special mission projects, among them, Care for Cuba. The goal is to provide backpacks for each of the 1,000 pathfinders in Cuba and send them as missionaries into their neighborhoods. Every backpack set includes: A Bible, 5 Bible study guides, a highlighter/pen, a distinctive T-shirt and a frisbee to do creative evangelism. 5 tablets full of ministry materials will be given to each conference as well.

The Pathfinders will share their faith with at least 5 other children and help prepare at least one for baptism, doubling the size of the Pathfinders in one year.

The 2020 mission tour group would have brought over the materials, but due to COVID-19 they weren’t able to go. That’s why a shipping container was sent to Cuba—to give those Pathfinders the backpacks they were promised along with bikes, medicine, computers, clothing, household goods, non-perishable food items, personal care items, school supplies and much more.

The Cuban pathfinders are excitedly waiting for their backpacks and are ready to give 5,000 bible studies and win at least 1,000 pathfinders for Christ this year!

Care for Cuba has been taking much-needed resources to Cuba for 8 years. While COVID-19 made travel impossible, it won’t stop our commitment. We have sent a container with goods and ministry materials that will help pastors, Bible workers and Pathfinders continue to share the Gospel.

Thanks for believing in and supporting the Cuban Pathfinders! Partner with us.

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